IBFLORESTAS participate in the Social Responsability Fair

IBFLORESTAS participates in the Social Responsability Fair

The Institute will give a lecture on its experience in the monthly production of 1 million native, seedlings trees involving communities throughout the country

In the municipalities of the influence area of the Bacia of Campos, there will be the third Bacia of Campo’s Social Responsability Fair (III Feira de Responsabilidade Social Empresarial Bacia de Campos), aiming to disseminate concepts and actions of Social Responsibility and Sustainability. The fair Will happen between 19th and 21st days of May, 2010, in Macae.

The exploration of petroleum and gas – energetic sources are unsustainable and highly polluting – are the most important economic activities realized in this region.
In this third edition, the main theme of the fair Will be “The  conscious consumption for a sustainable economy.” And will count on the participation of enterprises from various sectors. Also, non- governmental, public managers, universities,  professionals who works for his own, students, class institutions, social and environmental entities, and so on will participate.

According to Martinho SantaFe, one of the fair organizers,the event will be a good opportunity to the knowledge sharing, information and experiences among the incountable number of professionals who Will participate in the fair.

“The two previous fairs showed that the event favors the beggining of partnerships and actions toward the regional sustentability, with the participation of prefectures, entities of the size of Firjan System, enterprises and universities, including the State University of the Norte Fluminense (UENF) and non-governmental organizations”, he says.

According to Martinho SantaFe, the greatest objective of the event is to encourage people to participate more actively on the construction of a more sustainble world.
In this fair,there will be stands of enterprises, region prefectures, government of the Rio de Janeiro State, universities, non-governmental organizations and class entities.Also,there will be the Forum with lectures, panels and discussions, Round of sustainble business, a projection room to show environmental films and vídeos, artistic and cultural presentations, starring already devoted local talents,etc.

The IBFLORESTAS will participate on the fair giving a lecture about its experience on the Resources Caption and Social and environmental management – Better practices of the IBFLORESTAS in the 1 million native trees production per month, involving communities throughout the country.

According to Higino Aquino, director of the institutional development of IBFLORESTAS, the objective of the Institute participating on the event is to mobilize people, calling attention to the evironment. “This will happen focused on the quality of life question and preservation of native species in extinction threat, starting from a view in which the human being is inside this conception of nature as a transformation agent.

The event will be realized in the Convention Center of Jornalista Roberto  Marinho, near the Amaral Peixoto Highway,Km 170 – Barreto.